17th January 2019

London, United Kingdom

IMO 2020 –
Are you ready? Debate with the Specialists!

17th January 2019, London

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Welcome to IMO 2020 - Are you ready? Debate with the Specialists!

The new IMO regulation cuts the maximum amount of sulphur emissions to 0.5 percent from 3.5 percent, meaning that ships without scrubbers have to burn lower-sulphur fuels such as marine gasoil or ultra-low-sulphur fuel oil. Experts say this will cut fuel oil demand by anywhere from 1.7 MMbpd to 3.5 MMbpd.

This will also have a significant impact on refinery configuration and operations. To reach compliance, substantial investment in upgrading fuel oil residues to gasoil grades will be needed, however there are alternatives such as:

  • Reduction of residue production through changes in crude slate
  • Residue destruction (i.e. not produce fuel)
  • Desulphurisation of residues and blending with low sulphur gasoils

Whilst any regulatory compliance always provides challenges it can also offer many opportunities. We will discuss the highs, lows and potential international and regional impact on margins and crude prices.

IMO 2020 – Are You Ready? Debate with the Specialists!
This will bring together the 4 core groups that are directly involved with this issue:


What are the capabilities of the world's refiners to supply the required fuel?

Technology and solution providers

Case Studies showing the solutions and technologies that are helping the industry work towards compliance


Scrubber installations vs LNG or methanol ships What is the geographical approach to compliance?

Government / legislation

How will the regulation be enforced and what support if any is available?

Our esteemed panellists and speakers will discuss and debate with delegates in an interactive format, sharing knowledge and insights into how IMO 2020 will shape the bunker fuels market and affect the industry as a whole; along with valuable networking opportunities, this important event will provide an unrivalled opportunity to gain valuable information on this vital topic.

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Topics to be discussed:

  • The bunker fuel market of today and beyond
  • Regulation review – enforcement and compliance. What are the real implications of IMO 2020?
  • Industry viewpoints to include refiners, crude oil producers and ship-owners
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Call for Papers

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Agenda Outline

The event will be run as a series of panel discussions and short presentations with audience interaction and live polls throughout encouraging debate and discussion between speakers and delegates.

08:00 – 09:00
Networking breakfast and registration
09:00 – 09:20
Welcome Remarks and Scene Setting
Stefan Chapman, Vice President
09:20 - 11:00
Bunker Fuel Market Today and Beyond 2020
The new IMO regulation is forecast to cut fuel oil demand by anything from 1.7 MMbpd to 3.5 MMbpd and will have significant impacts on refinery configuration and operations. The highs, lows and potential international and regional impact on margins and crude prices will be discussed.
11:00 - 11:30
Networking break
11:30 - 13:00
MARPOL Regulation – the Real Story
How will the regulation be enforced and what support if any is available?
13:00 - 14:00
Lunch and networking
14:00 – 15:00
Shipper Perspectives
How are they planning to address the issue? Low Sulphur / high cost or High Sulphur and scrubber installation?
15:00 – 16:00
Refiner Case Studies
What are the strategy options and the timeline for compliance?
16:00 – 17:00
The Solutions Champagne Roundtables
A series of roundtable discussions hosted by different solution providers, providing in- depth information on what is available and the investments and timelines required.
Summary, key takeaways and close
Stefan Chapman, Vice President
NB The above agenda is just a draft and is subject to change

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Who should attend

All those involved with strategy and implementation of IMO including but not limited to:

Vice President Downstream Strategy
Refinery Manager
Plant Superintendent
General Director
Technical Director
Licensing Manager/Director
Deputy General Director
Chief Engineer
Senior Process Engineer
Business Development Director
Operation Engineer
Head of Production Department

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