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Changing Face of Process Automation

How has the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry changed over the years in terms of process automation and enhanced control systems?

Process Safety Culture & Key Trends in O&G Industry

The safety element is a key factor for stable and reliable facility operation.

Building Safety into Industrial Facilities

HAZOP studies are one of the most widely used hazard identification methods and have found applications in many aspects of both the oil and gas industries.

Improving Performance in Refining & Petrochemicals: The Challenges & Opportunities

2018 may have just started but we already expect to see continuing trends in the Refining / Petrochemicals sectors of the Energy Industry – important trends seen over the past few years.

Managing Procurement Risk: Cost Effective Approach

Risk is usually something that may happen which will have a negative or positive impact on a project.

Impact of Iran on the World Energy State: Past – Present - Future

Ever since the lifting of sanctions in 2016, Iran’s energy policy, strategy and activities have been constantly attracting the attention of key industry players from around the world.

Continuous Improvement Programmes: the Challenges & Opportunities

A high level of operational efficiency has always been of great importance in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Companies invest billions of dollars in high-quality assets and a return on investment is only possible if these facilities are operated safely and efficiently.

Technological Progress: At the heart of the Refining & Petrochemical Industry in the GCC

In today’s business climate we see that competition in the Refining & Petrochemical sectors continues to increase – year after year and in every region – the GCC is no exception.

Questions on Operational Excellence

Is operational excellence now becoming a crucial part of oil and gas companies’ core strategies?